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We are excited to introduce our new workshop, which is designed to help you improve your core strength while also developing your lateral and proper breathing techniques, correcting your spinal and pelvic alignment, and fostering your ability to perform smooth, flowing movements.

Through this workshop, you will gain a heightened awareness of your body and its movements, allowing you to take control of your physical abilities and achieve a greater level of strength and flexibility. Additionally, by practicing Pilates, you will also experience a reduction in stress and an improvement in mental clarity.

Whether you are an experienced practitioner or new to Pilates, our workshop welcomes participants of all levels. So, if you are looking to take your own practice to the next level and experience transformative health benefits, we encourage you to join us for this beneficial workshop with the use of specialise equipment. 


Join us at our studio and experience the transformative benefits of Pilates. Register for our workshop and discover how you can improve your core strength, posture, and overall body awareness.

DATE: 24 June 2023



  • Improved core strength

  • Corrected spinal and pelvic alignment

  • Proper breathing technique 

  • Greater flexibility and range of motion

  • Heightened body awareness and balance 

  • Reduced stress and improved mental clarity

  • Development of smooth, flowing movements with harmony 

  • With the use of specialized equipment

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