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About the Studio


At Step in Pilates, we focus on you. Through regular commitment and action, we grow physically and mentally stronger.

Step in Pilates studio is a fully equipped Pilates studio that specializes in tower reformer exercises. Our main focus is on our clients, and we believe that through regular commitment and action, they can become physically and mentally stronger and healthier. When you come to our studio, we will assess your alignment and posture, and then work with you to improve your overall health and strength. By emphasizing proper breathing and posture, we aim to help you step into a new, healthier and stronger version of yourself both physically and mentally.


We begin to understand our unlimited potential with results that motivate us in all areas of life.

With a core inner strength, we power through life and find joy in every movement.

About Ozlem

Ozlem has over twenty years’ experience in Pilates and movement.


Training with BASI PILATES and the LEGACY PROGRAM. She opens the first Equipment Pilates studio in Amstelveen and wants to inspire people to connect to their strong mind and body through with group and private classes.


She’s a certified mindfulness MBSR teacher and Ashtanga Yoga instructor. Using all of her teachings she creates a space for people to connect to themselves through the breath and movement.


Joseph Pilates

In the early 20th century, German physical trainer Joseph Pilates developed a type of mind-body exercise after whom it was named. He created a series of ‘body conditioning’ called Contrology to help aid his recovery from physical ailments.


Opening a studio in New York, he taught these methods. A lot of the equipment he designed is still in use today in Pilates studios around the world, although adapted.


‘Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit’.

Studio Policy

Grip Sock Requirement

Grip Socks are required for each class. They are non-slip and provide safety when using the equipment, and keep the equipment hygienically clean. Grip Socks are available for purchase at the studio.


After completing the Introduction Classes it’s important to follow the cues from the instructor in class when using the Tower Reformer equipment.


Inform the instructor at the beginning of class how many weeks pregnant you are. Modifications will be provided, always consult with your physical physician during and after pregnancy.

Be on Time

Plan to arrive at least 5-10 minute before the start of your class to safely store your belongings, grab water, and put on your Grip Socks. Once the class begins we’re not able to open the doors for late-comers.

Physical Injury

Ensure you communicate with the instructor before each class any physical injury you have.

Cancellation policy

All classes have a 12-hour cancellation policy. Classes must be cancelled via the mode of booking.

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