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FAQ - the Studio


Where is the studio?

The studio is located In Amstelveen. We’re located on the lower ground floor of Laan Nieuwer-Amstel 3, 1182 JR  Amstelveen.


How do you access the building?

The building entrance is easy to find, you will see our name next to the building front door. There’s a door code ———. Walk down the stairs, there you will enter the studio.


Can I park my car?

Yes! There are plenty of parking spaces right outside. Parking is off street and no charge is needed.


Can I travel by bike?

Yes! Ample space to park your bike, we only ask you don’t attach your bike to the railings of the building or block the walkway.


Do you have showers?

We don’t have showers. From our experience most clients prefer to leave the class and freshen up at home.


Can I store my belongings safely?

We have 24 lockers. Each locker is safely closed with a personal code you create each time you use the locker.


What should I wear?

Like most work outs, we recommend comfortable clothing. Leggings, shorts and a top. You want to be comfortable and able to move freely.


What are grip socks/toe socks?

Grip Socks are an industry best practice that all Reformer Pilates Studios require clients to wear. The sole of the foot has small rubber pads, that ensure your safety on the equipment.


Do you sell water or have a water station?

We have both. You are very welcome to bring your own water bottle and refill it in the studio. In addition, we sell water bottles available for refilling or individual water bottles from Marie-Stella-Maris.

FAQ - Pilates


Is Pilates for everyone?

Pilates is a highly versatile form of body conditioning that can be adapted to suit everyone from teens to seniors.

It is a refreshing mind-body workout that emphasizes proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment, and smooth, flowing movement so that you become attuned with how your body moves and feels. The overall benefits of Pilates include both cognitive and physical improvements such as reduced pain and improved mobility.


Why should I try Tower Reformer Pilates classes?

Tower Reformer is a full-body, low-impact workout that works core strength without overloading or straining the joints. Tower Reformer works smaller muscles in the body so you can improve your balance, mobility, and stability while preventing injuries.


How many times a week should I do Pilates to see some result?


in Pilates, as with many other physical performing disciplines a minimum of three times per week is a good rule of thumb. This is a schedule that will increase strength, flexibility, and endurance.


Can Pilates help relieve stress?

Keeping the mind and body in constant communication with each other ensures harmony. Inactivity and unhealthy life break the bond between them, causing you to lose your body awareness. Controlling actions from the brain reach the organs via neural pathways, so everything is really going on inside your head. In Pilates breathing with movements heightens mental clarity and mindfulness,  taking them away from any problems or worries.

Pilates increases body awareness and strengthens the connection between the body and the mind. It improves your focusing and concentration abilities, and your mind and therefore your body is relieved of stress.

Pilates is very much about technique and learning to work from the right muscles. This varies for each individual as each body has different strengths and weaknesses.


Are Private classes worth the price?

In our private lessons, we focus on your body type, posture, and your unique needs. The most important benefit of having a private Pilates class starts from the immediate fact you have hands-on undivided attention just tailored for you. Where choices, instructions, and explanations of exercises are all tailored for one specific Body and Mind.

Better technique in the Pilates method

Better execution of exercises

Better body awareness

Better breathing techniques and relieve stress level

Faster progression and results of strength or recovery from injury

More care and attention.


Is Tower Reformer benefits for men?

In addition to large muscle groups, Pilates also activates deeper small muscle groups.

By giving importance to stretching in Pilates, muscle tension is reduced, injuries are prevented and the angles of motion of the muscles are increased.

Increases core strength. In Pilates, the power is always taken from the center. In addition to the large upper muscle groups, it also keeps our transverse muscles, which fix our center, constantly active.

More conscious and a life. While doing the movements in Pilates, we need to constantly concentrate on our breath and the form we need to be in that movement. This habit brings physical and mental awareness to our lives throughout the day.


Are Step in Pilates teachers certified?

 All Step In Pilates instructors

All of the instructors at Step in Pilates are certified instructors.

Many of our instructors in our studio have professional training in other areas such as dance, yoga, mindfulness, and self-compassion.


What is the class size?

The group classes have a maximum capacity of ten. The private and semi-private classes are for 1-4 clients.


How long are the classes?

 Each class is 50 minutes.

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