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Ozlem has over twenty years of experience in Pilates and movement. She took her first Pilates mat teacher training in Moscow and continued her education with BASI PILATES and the LEGACY PROGRAM with BASI. Her inspiration with movement is inspired by her teacher training in Ashtanga Yoga and mindfulness MBSR teacher training. Combining all of her studies and philosophies Ozlem creates space for practitioners while connecting with the breath. Technique and alignment are fundamental to her teachings. She is certified in pre-natal and post-natal Pilates with BASI and ensures her clients practice right movement and breath work.
Ozlem has completed her training in MCBT, Mindfulness based Cognitive therapy and MBCL, Mindfulness based compassion living.

Movement is fundamental to all her teachings and she knows that right movement heals the body and the mind. Her goal, is to share this knowledge with everybody that joins her at Step in Pilates.


Alice is a Pilates instructor and studied ballet and contemporary dance from a young age. She's passionate about movement and the body as a mover. Alice loves to teach Pilates, to share her knowledge with her clients, and give them the best experience during their training.


After working as a dancer in Rome, she moved to Amsterdam and acquired her first Pilates certification following the Kineticode Pilates Mat Teacher Training. Since then, Alice has built a solid professional portfolio by accumulating more experience and further Pilates certification. In 2017 Alice successfully completed the Smartbody Pilates Mat and Equipment Teacher Training. In 2021 she concluded her third Pilates certification following BASI Comprehensive Global Program. Alice continuously follows different courses to acquire more precision and specificity in her work. Alice has continued her education with FAMI-Functional Anatomy for Movement (2020), Balanced Body Pilates for runners (2021), BASI-Pilates for injuries and pathology (2022), Pilates through Pregnancy and Beyond (2022), and Movement Anatomy (2022).


Following the Pilates principles, her areas of expertise include overall physics improvement, injury rehabilitation, postural enhancement, pre & post-natal courses, and sports performance improvement.

Cloe Kwaaitaal.jpg

'Step out of your daily routine, let your mind lead and guide you through your body. Invest in creating a better understanding of your moving body.’

Cleo Kwaaitaal


Cleo has been working with movement since she was very young. Cleo had a successful career in classical and modern dance. She studied at the Koninklijk Conservatorium for six years in The Hague and the Scapino Dans Academy. Later in life, Cleo continued her movement education, completing her Pilates Mat and studio education with Polestar. Cleo trained with Debbie Jenner in Pilates Reformer, and more recently, she follows classes with Ellen Meijer to teach Fascia Release. Cleo is a regular teacher at the University of Amsterdam (UVA) with CREA teaching ballet. Cleo teaches Fascia Release and Pilates mat classes in Amsterdam.


Cleo believes movement is essential to feel free and maintain a fit body and positive mind. Ballet, Yoga, Dance and MovNat inspire Cleo's teaching style for Pilates. Her classes concentrate on strength, flexibility and flow to support everyday movements. Cleo challenges her practitioners to let go of external daily pressure and to connect to their inner energy. Cleo's classes have a tempo and pace that creates momentum while moving. Her students often observe that they feel light-hearted and more connected to themselves after her class. Cleo brings a joyful touch to all of her classes. 


All levels are welcome in her classes.


Erika started practising Pilates in 2010 due to a back injury. She quickly discovered that the practice is much more than physically transformative. Through moving with intention and presence, Erika began healing on many layers. The experience inspired a deep love for movement that connects us to the body and soul.


For the past 8+ years, Erika has been on a journey of practice, discovery, and teaching. She is exploring various approaches to Pilates, yoga, breathwork, meditation, and other mindful practices and certifications. Erika had the chance to study with incredible teachers, and her dream now is to share that knowledge with her practitioners and make the world feel a little more spacious, easeful, and joyful for my students.

Erika has completed:

500 hr Comprehensive Pilates Teacher (Pilates V, California)

RYT 200 hr Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (Shades of Yoga, Bali)

RYT 100 hr Meditation Teacher (Sarvaguna Yoga, India)

RYT 50 hr Yin Yoga Teacher (The Fat Yogis, Amsterdam)

Specializations & Certificate Courses

Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates Certification (Basi Pilates)

Pilates for Scoliosis (Basi Pilates)

Mindfulness Teacher Training (Esalen Institute, California)

Yoga Nidra (Delight Yoga, Netherlands)

Trauma Sensitive Yoga (Spirit Rock, California)

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Marens is a BASI-certified Pilates teacher. Pilates has always been a common thread running through her daily life. Her first encounter with Pilates was in 2001, but It wasn't until 2010 that Marens started practising regularly. First, as a hobby, and later, Pilates helped her recover from a hip injury. In 2018 Marens found a misalignment in her work/life balance and decided to change course. The choice to become a Pilates teacher was a natural next step.


When you practice with Marens, you are the centre of her attention. She says, 'everybody has a different body, and I will try my best to help you achieve your goals’. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced pilates enthusiast, Maren will always find ways to challenge you.


It's true what Joseph Pilates says: in 10 sessions; you'll feel the difference; in 20 sessions, you'll see the difference, and in 30 sessions, you'll have a whole new body.


Marens looks forward to seeing you soon in the studio very soon.


Patricia is a Physiotherapist by trade and passion graduated in Brazil, specialized in the elderly and vulnerable. 

She has experience teaching personalized Pilates classes for rehabilitation, prevention of injuries and pains , women's health and elderly people.

She has been a STOTT Pilates Instructor for the past 11 years. During that time she has also completed many equipment and MAT courses, and most recently BASI Pilates Teacher Training and BASI Pilates for Injuries and Pathology.

Patricia learned about Pilates while she was in college and loved the way that it helps you mentally and physically.

She believes that Pilates helps people empower themselves through movement and also assist them to improve their quality of life.

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